John Heartfield and the dawn of photomontage

Photomontage as an art technique was initiated and developed by Dadaists in the interwar period. Back then, it proved to be the perfect tool for expressing rebellious moods and political critique. One of the first and at the same time most important artists using this technique was John Heartfield. He was German, his real name …

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Dada as a worldview

“To think that Dada will ever die is an absurd. Dada will always emerge anew one way of another, always when too much stupidity has amassed” Kurt Schwitters Schwitters was right – Dada isn’t dead. It survived because dadaism is not just another art movement – dadaism is an attitude, a worldview. Dada came into …

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Schwitters avangarda cover

MERZ – Kurt Schwitters’ combination of art and life

My favourite period in history of art is the avant-garde of the 20s: futurism, constructivism and most of all – Dadaism. Out of all dada artists I am most inspired by Kurt Schwitters – by his works, but even more by his amazing take on art and life, as he didn’t see a border between …

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bliźniaczki w filmie i w teledyskach

Twins in art

The theme of twins emerges every now and then in various genres of visual arts. Depicting two, nearly identical and yet different characters leaves a big room for interpretation, it is also fascinating in terms of psychology – to such extent that in time, twins started to be associated with evil and demons. First of …

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