Opening of Contemporary Peruvian Art Exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery

The opening of the big exhibition of contemporary art from Peru took place on 9th January 2019 at 6 PM in Retroavangarda Gallery in Jerozolimskie Business Park. The exhibition was organized under the patronage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. The opening was graced by the presence of many prominent guests.

We were honoured by the visit of Their Excellencies Ambassadors:
H.E. Ambassador of Peru – Alberto Efraín Wilfredo Salas Barahona
H.E. Ambassador of Uruguay – Pablo Scheiner
H.E. Ambassador of Austria – Werner Almhofer
H.E. Ambassador of Republic of Cuba – Jorge Martí Martínez accompanied by his Wife.
H.E. Ambassador of Morocco – Younse Tijani
H.E. Ambassador of Chile – Julio Bravo Yubini
H.E. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain – Francisco Javier Sanabria Valderrama
H.E. Ambassador of Bangladesh – Muhammad Mahfuzur Rahman

as well as:
Former Polish Ambassador in Brazil & Venezuela – Krzysztof Jacek Hinz
Representative of the Embassy of Argentina – secretary Miguel Ángel Cuña

The Embassy of Peru was additionally represented by:
Pedro Pablo Delgado Hinostroza – Minister-Counsellor
Ernesto José Pinto Bazurco Barandiarán – Counsellor
Magdalena Sędzimir-Dobrowolska – Consular and Cultural section

Also present were the Rectors of Warsaw School of Information Technology
His Magnificence Rector – prof. Maciej Krawczak
Vice- rector – dr inż. Jarosław Sikorski

The opening was also visited by Mrs Elżbieta Dzikowska – an art historian, traveler, director and camera operator of documentary films, author of numerous books, TV shows, radio programs, articles and contemporary art exhibitions.

Our special guest was Miss Veronica Penagos – an artists from Lima, who visited Poland as a representative of the Peruvian artists participating in the exhibition.

In the coming days a relation from the opening will be emitted in Polish Television.

Description of the exhibition:
The exposition consists of two parts: the main hall of the gallery presents 20 pieces by Daniel Rodriguez, the founder of Colorbox art group. The exhibition is titled “Geometric Structures”. Abstract compositions are done mostly with the use of acrylics on paper and represent the latest achievements of the artist. Noteworthy are also his earlier works – great, mixed media collages.

The further part of the gallery presents pieces by 28 artists from Lima, it is an exhibition titled “Abstracts and contemporary painting of Peru”. The pieces are executed mostly on small, paper canvases. As for the themes and techniques, there is a great variety, ranging from pencil, ink or pastel drawings to acrylic and oil paintings. There are also a few collages and traditional graphics (linocut, mezzotint). All these artworks are original,  hand-made, and most of them were created in 2018, so the exhibition gives insight into current artistic trends of Lima.

The majority of works are abstracts but there are also figurative pieces inspired by surrealism. The titles of the artworks are worth noticing, as in combination with unreal colors they give a testimony of the artists’ extraordinary imagination.

Many pieces, including abstracts, distinguish themselves with great precision and attention to detail. The whole exhibition in Retroavangarda gallery holds 75 artworks of contemporary Peruvian artists and so far is the biggest presentation of contemporary Peruvian art in Poland

Artists participating in the exhibition of contemporary Peruvian art:
Adriana Cillóniz, Adriana Romero, Aldo Ramírez, Aldo del Valle, Alex Sánchez Balboa, Allen Ladd, Ariana Macedo, Carlos Pulido, Carlos Lenes, Daniel Rodríguez, David Brillas, Diego Salazar, Dora Urdanegui, Franci Quirita, Francisco Pantigoso, Irina Gonzales, Lucia Portocarrero, Marco Gutiérrez, Nico Cotrina, Renato Rosado, Renzo Campodonico, Román Inciso, Rudy Munayco, Sandra Leonardo, Verónica Penagos, Víctor Navarro, Víctor Ruiz De Somocurcio, Yaneth Nuñez Trujillo.

Letter from Daniel Rodriguez – art director of Colorbox group:
(This letter was read during the opening of the exhibition by Miss Veronica Penagos – the representative of the artists)

On behalf of myself and the members of Colorbox group, which I run since 2016, i.e. mrs Adriana Cillóniz, Allen Ladd and Verónika Penagos, professional artists, I would like to warmly greet and thank:  Anna Kłos – the director of Retroavangarda Gallery; His Excellency Ambassador of Peru –  Alberto Salas Barahona and diplomatic staff of Embassy of Peru in Poland; prof. Maciej Krawczak – the Rector of Warsaw School of Information Technology; as well as all artists and guests, for your presence and support in organization of today’s exhibitions: “Abstraction and contemporary painting of Peru 2 – group exhibition” and “Geometrical Structures – individual exhibition of Daniel Rodriguez”.

It is beyond doubt that in Peru art has always – since its beginnings in the pre-Columbian era, during the Inca Empire reign but also today – given birth to new processes and stimulated constant growth and commitment, to which we have never been strangers due to our multicultural identity. Avant-garde forms of expression have been present in Peru since 20th century although they not always have been properly recognized in their due time.

Today you have the opportunity to admire the work of twenty eight artists from Peru, which reflect contemporary aesthetics and various techniques in reference to the past and present avant-garde. The presented artworks have their own souls and express the joy of creative process, each in its own way and through the choice of various techniques.

I hope the exhibited artworks will rouse interest of the guests. On behalf of all artists partaking in this project, I send heartfelt greetings. I invite you to explore the exhibition of contemporary Peruvian art.

Daniel Rodriguez, artist, Colorbox group art director

Special thanks to:
All Peruvian artists taking part in the exhibition as well as Colorbox Group and its director Daniel Rodriguez – coordinator on Peruvian side
His Excellency Ambassador of Peru – thanks to the Embassy the artworks from Peru could arrive in Poland
Mrs Magda Sędzimir-Dobrowolska – for wonderful, professional long-term cooperation
WIT (Warsaw School of Information Technology) – for subsequent support of promoting art on international level.
Company management of Pemberton and Apollo Rida – for allowing Retroavangarda to operate in Jerozolimskie Business Park, a wonderful complex of office buildings. The modern, elegant buildings which recently have undergone thorough renovation are the headquarters of many well-known companies, both Polish and foreign. The perfect location and the fact that more than 3500 people work in Jerozolimskie Business Park makes this place very attractive both for doing business and promoting good art on international arena.
Retroavangarda would also like to thank Ekotrade and the head of security in JBP, Mr Łukasz Zawadzki for professional protection of all events related to the operation of the gallery.

Contemporary Peruvian Art:
‘Abstracts and contemporary painting of Peru’ – group exhibition of 28 artists
Daniel Rodriguez – „Geometrical Structures” – individual exhibition
Curator of the exhibition: dr Anna Kłos – Dean’s representative at Graphic Design department, WIT

Embassy of Peru in Poland
WIT – Warsaw School of Information Technology
Colorbox – Geometries and Abstractions
Coordinator on the Peruvian side: Daniel Rodriguez – director of Colorbox art group

The exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery Jerozolimskie Business Park will last until the end of March 2019

Galeria Retroavangarda is open from Tuesday to Friday 11AM to 7 PM
Galeria Retroavangarda Jerozolimskie Business Park
Aleje Jerozolimskie 146D, 02–305 Warszawa
www:, e-mail:

text by Anna Klos
translation by Karolina Klos

fot. Tomasz Kłos & Mariusz Syperek

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  1. Muchas gracias Anna Klos, Daniel Rodrigues , y un fuerte abrazo a Veronica Penagos, que fue nuestra representante en la inauguracion.

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