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Daniel Rodriguez – a breeze of contemporary art from the Andes

Contemporary Peruvian art is dominated by figurative painting. However, there is a parallel development of abstract art, initiated by Fernando de Szyszlo – a famous painter born in Lima, whose father was a polish geographer. Szyszlo, fascinated with surrealism and cubism, quickly shaped his own distinctive style.

Fascination with European avantgarde can be also traced in the art of a contemporary artist from Lima – Daniel Rodriguez. Rodriguez creates collages and abstract geometry, with Constructivism being a visible influence on his art. His geometrical compositions are executed with acrylics on paper or on canvas. The balanced compositions with precise color palette bring to mind order and harmony. Much more artistic freedom can be found in Rodriguez’s collages, for which he uses various materials such as textiles, wallpapers, tapes, old newspapers or buttons. His collages appeal to the audience with great composition and Peruvian coloring.

Original pieces by Daniel Rodriguez were presented in first half of 2019 at his individual exhibition “Geometrical Structures” in Retroavangarda Gallery in Warsaw and a few other collective exhibitions organized by Retroavangarda.

Pieces by Daniel Rodriguez in Retroavangarda’s “Gallery of Friends”

Contemporary Peruvian art – artworks by Daniel Rodriguez:

Daniel Rodriguez - Allegory 3
Daniel Rodriguez – Allegory 3 – Antoni Tápies, Mixed technique – collage, 2010

Daniel Rodriguez - Three stones
Three stones, Mixed technique – collage, 2010

Daniel Rodriguez - Variaciones en Gebo
Variaciones en Gebo, mixed on canvas, 2011

Daniel Rodriguez - Transito
Transito, mixed technical drawing, 2011

Daniel Rodriguez - La Fabrica 2
La Fabrica 2, Acrylic on paper, 2017

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez - In House
In House, Acrylic on paper, 2016

Daniel Rodriguez - Individual exhibition in Warsaw
Individual exhibition by Daniel Rodriguez at Retroavangarda Gallery, Warsaw

text by Anna Kłos, translation by Karolina Kłos

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