Retroavangarda - International Collage Art Exhibition 29.09.2020 - Warsaw, Poland

International Collage Exhibition – interview with Anna Kłos

3rd edition of International Collage Exhibition 2020
29 September 2020 – 31 December 2020
Retroavangarda Gallery Jerozolimskie Business Park
Al. Jerozolimskie 146D, Warsaw
Open Tuesday – Friday, 11AM – 7 PM
The exhibition will be open until the end of the year

Interview with dr Anna Kłos, curator of International Collage Exhibition, academic lecturer, author of phD thesis about collage art.

What is the Retroavangarda space?
Retroavangarda is not only a gallery space but rather a broad international project. The purpose of this project is to promote and integrate artists from all over the world through online means (virtual Gallery of Friends, blog, social media) and organizing real life exhibitions. Retroavangarda’s function is first and foremost to promote and educate.

How was the International Collage Art  Exhibition project born?
The idea for the exhibition emerged through Retroavangarda’s virtual Gallery of Friends, which started to attract more and more interesting collage artists. I decided to present the pieces of those artists in their original form. Personally I am very interested in collage art, I create collages myself and my phD thesis was dedicated to this field.

What is special in this year’s edition?
First and foremost, the time at which the exhibition is held. It’s the middle of global pandemic – an absolutely special situation. Because of April lockdown introduced in Poland, we had to move the exhibition to the end of September 2020. Special is also the amount of participating artists, almost twice as big compared to last year’s edition. It is a great, international overview of the newest and most interesting collage art achievements. This year we have 149 artists from 32 countries. Among the artists we have professionals, famous collage masters but also young artists, who are at the very beginning of their journey with collage.

The exhibition has a lot of educational value both for the participants and for the wider public interested in this subject. Due to the growing interest in International Collage Exhibition we decided to prolong this year’s edition. It can be visited for free for 3 months, from 29th September till the end of December 2020.

How do you imagine the developments of these projects?
International Collage Art Exhibition has a gigantic potential and surely will develop further. The interest in collage art both in Poland and all over the world is getting higher with each passing year. As I mentioned, Retroavangarda is a multi-layered project, so future exhibitions can happen in various places and take different forms. As an academic lecturer, the educational function of an exhibition is very important to me. I want to spread knowledge about collage art among young people, students. I am sure this will have a positive outcome in the future.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

Adriana Cilloniz / Peru; Agula Swoboda / Poland; Alejandra Koreck / Argentina; Alexa Fermeglia / Hungary; Alexandra Grigore / US; Alexander Cano Murillo / Colombia; Alison Kurke / UK; Allan Bealy / US; Allen Ladd / Peru; Alvaro Sanchez / Guatemala; Anca Bianca Schussler / Romania; Andrea Burgay / US; Andrea Kovács Kurszan / Hungary; Andrzej Wieteszka / Poland; Angela Caporaso / Italy; Anita Bartos / Austria; Ankie van Dijk / Netherlands; Anna Kłos / Poland; Anna Krejbich / Poland; Antagonica Furry / Bolivia; Antonio Martin Ferrand / Spain; Aram Huerta / Mexico; Arki Grynberg / UK; Athena Tasiopoulos / US; Axelle Kieffer / France; Barbara Gibson / UK; Barrakuz / Poland; Beata Wehr / US; Brenda Garay / Peru; Carlo Pietrasanta / Italy; Carlos Pulido / Peru; Carmen Mavrea / Romania; Carol White / Ireland; Carsten Schneider / Germany; Chico Gomes / Brazil; Christopher Scott / Ecuador; Cinzia Farina / Italy; Claire Dinsmore / US; Claudia Pomowski / Germany; Cristina Holm / Spain; Daniel Rodriguez / Peru; Dariusz Adamski / Poland; Dariusz Mlącki / Poland; Demetrio Di Grado / Italy; Dorota Trzpil / Poland; Dorothee Mesander / Greece; Doug Panton / Canada; Eduardo Martinez / Spain; Erika Bournet Delbosc / France; Eugenia Conde / Argentina; Ewa Rosłoniec-Czobodzińska / Poland; Frank Moth / Greece; Frank Whipple / US; Franz Samsa / Italy; Geoff Wonnacott / Canada; Geronimo Finn /Austria; Gisela Faure / Argentina; Graphikstreet / France; Grzegorz Kozera / Poland; Guillermo Flores / Mexico; Helena Čubová / Czech Republic; Honorata Jarnuszkiewicz / Poland / Canada; Irina Mashina / Russia; Isabel Reitemeyer / Germany; Istvan Horkay / Hungary; James Marsh / US; Jan Mioduchowski / Poland; Jeltje van Houten / Netherlands; Jérôme Cavailles / France; Joey Patrick / US; John Andrew Dixon / US; John Washington / UK; Jonathan Sirit / Venezuela; José Gregorio Puello Polo / Colombia; Kaja Kant / Poland; Kaja Kurczuk / Poland; Kamil Emanuel Klonowski / Poland; Karina Suarez / Argentina; Karolina Rosocka / Poland; Katie McCann / US; Keith Kitz / US; Koji Nagai / Japan; Lana Jokhadze / Georgia; Lee McKenna / Australia; Leo Litha / France; Linda Sorrenti / Italy; Louis Fishauf / Canada; Lucyna Krzywik / Poland; Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez / Mexico; Maciej Łazowski / Poland; Magda Tertelis / Poland; Maks Dannecker / Germany; María Elisa Quiaro Maggiorani / Germany; Marcia Albuquerque / Brazil; Marcos Minini / Brazil; Marcos Montenegro / Argentina; Marek Radke / Germany; Mariam Kacharava / Georgia; Markus Wülbern / Germany; Marta Ignerska / Poland; Martina Charaf / Argentina; Maruša Štibelj / Slovenia; Mauricio Planel Rossiello / Brazil; Michael Stephens / US; Nancy Dominique / Belgium; Natalia Koniuszy / Poland; Natalia Polasik / Poland; Nina Fraser / UK; Nina Freiman / Russia; Olga Lupi / France; Pablo Ballesteros / Spain; Patrizia Tictac / Germany; Paulina Sut / Poland; Pavel Kopaev / Russia; Pep Quer / Spain; Pere Sousa / Spain; Petra Lorenz / Germany; Pim Piët / Netherland; Piotr Depta-Kleśta / Poland; Piotr Sakowski / Poland; Pola Vesper / Poland; Rafał Kucharczuk / Poland; Rebeka Elizegi / Spain; Rhed Fawell / UK; Ricardo Miguel Hernandez / Cuba; Robin Colodzin / US; Sabine Remy / Germany; Sacha Itchi / France; Sandee Johnson / US; Sandra Gea / France; Sara Vattano / Italy; Sebastián Monrroy / Bolivia; Sergey Nehaev / Russia; Silvia Beltrami / Italy; Silvia Wladimirski Barenboim / Argentina; Stefan Heuer / Germany; Steven R. Gilmore / US; Susanna Lakner / Germany; Suze Larousse / Austria; Tan Tolga Demirci / Turkey; Tania Verhasselt / Belgium; Tatiana Laponkina / Russia; Terry Braunstein / US; Ulla Göklü / Germany; Veronica Penagos / Peru; Victor Raphael / US; Virginie Maltais / Canada; Walter Brovia / Argentina; William Hemmerdinger / US; Zoya Gutnik / Russia.

International Collage Exhibition – photos

text by Anna Kłos, translation by Karolina Kłos

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