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From surrealism to the world famous CD cover

The most distinguished artist connected with surrealism is surely Salvador Dali, yet in my opinion far more interesting paintings were created by Rene Magritte. He was humble and elegant, surely not as attention-seeking as eccentric Dali. In his paintings we can see mysterious characters next to strange objects or imaginary backgrounds. Magritte was a very …

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Kadr z filmu Twin Peaks

The Zigzag hype

It is enough to just take a glance at what shops with interior design accessories offer to notice that the geometrical style is in. Black and white zigzags, the so-called chevron pattern, is omnipresent these days. Do you know where this motif come from? The pattern is so simple that it was already used in …

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Erté „Nil”

Retro-elegance: the return to Art Déco

In my last post I mentioned that ‘Wiener Werkstätte’ had a direct influence on the development of art déco. This style flourished between 1919-1939 and involved painting, architecture, sculpture, graphics and also small items of everyday use about which I would like to expand on today. The ‘art déco’ term derives from French art décoratif …

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