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From 7th June Retroavangarda Gallery in Jerozolimskie Business Park will be presenting an exhibition of traditional graphics by Ryszard Gieryszewski. Born in 1936 in Warsaw, Ryszard Gieryszewski is one of the main Polish contemporary artists specializing in artistic graphics.  In 1959-1964, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of professor Aleksander Kobzdej and prof Andrzej Rudziński. He was a member of XYLON – International Association of Woodcutters, based in Switzerland. His art has been presented at over 30 solo exhibitions and a few hundred group exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. He has received many prestigious awards and distinctions for his paintings and graphics. The artworks of Ryszard Gieryszewski are in museum collections both in Poland and other countries.

Ryszard Gieryszewski about his art: In what I do, I search for a certain balance, symmetry and silence resonating with the surrounding reality. I also aim to communicate through symbols, signs, geometric figures, color – a certain beauty, one that is ultimately unattainable, as it is perceived and defined differently by every human being. Self-determination is also very important for me – the search for contact, a bond, universal language, code, which will allow me to find myself in the crowd and in the information chaos. I treat my work as a way of self-improvement. Art is my choice. I believe that every person has some sort of a goal, a personal, unique path leading to the undefined. According to Friedrich Nietzsche art elevates a human above his self. That allows a chance, a belief in finding new dimensions in human existence. All this trouble of achieving the goal is a selfless act, work, creation. The reward is the sense of choosing the right path.

Curator: Anna Kłos
Opening hours: Tue – Fri 11AM – 7PM
Galeria Retroavangarda Jerozolimskie Business Park
Aleje Jerozolimskie 146D, 02–305 Warszawa
e-mail: retroavangarda.com@gmail.com

translation by Karolina Klos

Ryszard Gieryszewski

Ryszard Gieryszewski - Tym, którzy odeszli, 2000
Tym, którzy odeszli, 2000
Ryszard Gieryszewski - Taki układ
Taki układ
Ryszard Gieryszewski - Koncentracja - droga, 2004
Koncentracja – droga, 2004
Ryszard Gieryszewski - 3 kolory - niebieski, 1979
3 kolory – niebieski, 1979
Ryszard Gieryszewski - dwa trójkąty w 3, 1977
Dwa trójkąty w 3, 1977
Ryszard Gieryszewski - Epitafium, 2004
Epitafium, 2004

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