International Latin American Art Exhibition

International Latin American Art Exhibition

International Latin American Art Exhibition
Opening: October 17th, 2023, 6 PM
October 17th, 2023 – December 31th, 2023
Exhibition Curator: Dr. Anna Kłos
Organizers: Retroavangarda Gallery Jerozolimskie Business Park and Apollo Rida

On October 17th 2023 at 6:00 PM took place the grand opening of the contemporary Latin American art exhibition at Retroavangarda Gallery Jerozolimskie Business Park. The exhibition was organized under the honorary patronage of the Embassy of Peru in Poland and the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Poland.

The exhibition was divided into two parts. In the main hall, posters were presented, while the further part of the gallery held original artworks created using various traditional techniques such as painting, collage and artistic graphics. In total, the exhibition featured 115 works by 39 professional artists from 14 Latin American countries.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Adan Paredes Barrera (Mexico), Agustina Cosulich (Argentina), Alberto Lenz (Mexico), Alejandro Rivera Plata (Colombia), Alvaro Sánchez (Guatemala), Amijai Benderski (Uruguay), Antagonica Furry (Bolivia), Aram Huerta (Mexico), Carlos Zamora (US / Cuba), Christopher Scott (Ecuador), Cristian Mac Entyre (Argentina), Daniel Rodriguez (Peru), David Ortiz (Ecuador), Diego Becas (Chile), Eduardo Davit (Uruguay), Eduardo Mac Entyre (Argentina), Elmer Sosa (Mexico), Eréndida Mancilla (Mexico), Fabian Carreras (Argentina), Fabiane Pianowski (Brazil), German Jimenez (Colombia), Guillermo Flores (Mexico), Ivan Ciro Palomino Huamani (Peru), Javier González Borbolla (Cuba), Jonathan Sirit (Venezuela), José Alberto Hernández (Costa Rica), José Luis López (Ecuador), Karina Suarez (Argentina), Lonnie Ruiz (Nicaragua), Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez (Mexico), Macaparana (Brazil), Marcos Minini (Brazil), Marcos Montenegro (Argentina), Mario Fuentes (Ecuador), Mauricio Planel Rossiello (Brazil), Natalia Volpe (Argentina), Oswaldo Favela (Mexico), Ricardo Miguel Hernandez (Cuba), Thiago Lacaz (Brazil).

It is worth noting that all the poster artists are internationally renowned with extensive artistic achievements and affiliations with various art institutions. They have participated in numerous poster exhibitions and bienniales worldwide, earning numerous awards and recognition. Their works have often been featured in books on poster and graphic design, such as in the Taschen publication “Latin American Graphic Design.”

The majority of the works presented at the exhibition is contemporary art, but there are also some more dated pieces. Among them are the outstanding graphics by Eduardo Mac Entyre, the leading representative of generative art in Argentina, a movement that has influenced geometric art worldwide. Eduardo Mac Entyre’s artworks are held in the collections of museums, government institutions and private collections in Argentina and around the world. At this exhibition, we present two rare, original graphics from the late 1970s, each signed by the artist.

The exhibition also features collage artworks, including magnificent collages by Guatemalan artist Alvaro Sanchez, and a symbolic postcard-style collage by Brazilian artist with Polish roots, Dr. Fabiane Pianowski. Dr. Pianowski is an assistant professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande and earned her Ph.D. in History, Theory, and Criticism from the University of Barcelona.

The exhibition also showcases paintings by Peruvian artist Daniel Rodriguez. Our artistic collaboration with Mr. Rodriguez has been ongoing for many years, essentially since the very inception of the Retroavangarda project, and over the time this collaboration has grown significantly. Peruvian artists’ works have been presented numerous times in the Retroavangarda Gallery, which I curate. In turn, Mr. Rodriguez organizes exhibitions of contemporary art in Peru, inviting Polish artists to participate. This longstanding exchange is possible thanks to the support of the Embassy of Peru in Poland.

We hope that next year, at the same time, we will be able to organize the second edition of the Latin American Art Exhibition and, in doing so, promote the lesser-known but remarkable contemporary art of Latin American countries in Poland.

The opening of the Latin American Art Exhibition at Retroavangarda Gallery was attended by many distinguished guests. We were honored by the presence of:

H.E. Hubert Wieland Conroy, Ambassador of Peru
Juan Cruz Olivieri, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Argentina
H.E. Ramiro Fernández Bachiller, Ambassador of Spain
H.E. Assad José Jater Peña, Ambassador of Colombia
H.E. Javier Alcides Bonagas de Gracia, Ambassador of Panama
Felipe Gastão Bandeira de Mello, Minister, Embassy of Brazil
Billy Lam, Minister, Embassy of Guatemala
Gladys Mabel García Paredes, Minister, Chief of the Office, Embassy of Peru
Luis Gonzalo Cieza Palo, Counselor, Consular Section, Embassy of Peru
Minister Adam Niemczewski, Chief of the Senate Office
Dr. Eng. Jarosław Sikorski, Vice-Rector of the WIT Academy in Warsaw
The Apollo Rida board was represented by Ms. Grażyna Melibruda, and the artists were represented by Dr. Fabiane Pianowski from Brazil.

Special thanks to:

All the artists participating in the exhibition
Apollo Rida
Embassy of Peru and the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Poland
Justyna Bardzińska, Assistant for Consular and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Peru in Poland
Iwona Wójcik, Cultural Section, Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Poland

photo report from the opening of the exhibition:

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