Graphics, photography and poster exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery

Until the end of this year, Retroavangarda Gallery located  in Jerozolimskie Business Park will be showing the international exhibition of graphics, photography and poster.

The main hall of the Gallery exhibits 20 original, signed by hand and numbered graphics by Japanese artist Fumio Tomita. The pieces attract the eye with vibrant colors and futuristic shapes, bringing to mind geometric art of the 1960s, optical art and even traditional Japanese art. The precise execution and splendid blend of tradition and modernity are certainly characteristic traits of these artworks. Tomita’s pieces can be found in numerous renowned museums and galleries all over the world but in Poland his talent is yet to be well known. The exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery in Jerozolimskie Business Park is the first presentation of Tomita’s work on such scale in Poland.  The artworks are a part of collection of Dariusz Wilicki and Karolina Kaja Kant.

Pieces from Retroavangarda’s collection are exhibited in the second part of the gallery:

A series of 8 collages by Dutch artists Ankie van Dijk
Again, a wonderful example of combining old and contemporary arts. The artist utilizes in her collages yellowed paper from old envelopes and bibliophile books. The small sized pieces give off a very minimalistic, personal vibe and are set in warm color tones.

5 collages by Magda Tertelis
Magda’s collages display a visible influence of China and India, where the artist spent her childhood and her adolescent years.

3 paintings by Kamil Emanuel Klonowski
Pieces by Kamil Klonowski show both great craftsmanship and artistic imagination. Half-abstract, spatial forms clearly allude to architectonic forms. The titles and color palettes point, in turn, towards strong relationship with nature.

The artist has had many exhibition around the world: Great Britain, France, Japan, Toruń and Kraków in Poland, to name a few, and the exhibition in Warsaw in Retroavangarda Gallery was his first in this place.

Photography by Ignacy Matuszewski
The exhibition did not forget about photography. Architecture photography by Ignacy Matuszewski distinguishes itself with great  choice of frames, strong contrasts and a sense of rhythm, which allows to perceive the photos as abstract compositions.

Photography by Juan Borja (Peru)

The artist specializes in beautiful botanical photography, small sizes which are manually retouched, bringing to mind the cult photography of Karl Blossfeldt. This time, however, the artist decided to present his other pieces ranging from portraits to architecture.

The main part of the building holds 32 posters by famous poster artists from all over the world: Diego Becas (Chile), Leo Lin (Taiwan), István Horkay (Hungary), German Jimenez (Colombia), Slobodan Štetić (Serbia), Piotr Olejarz (Poland) and artists from South Korea: Byung-rok Chae, Chang Sik Kim, Dong Bin Kim, Gum-Jun Park, Ingi Lee, Joo Sung Kim, Jae-Jin Yoon, Ki-heun Shur, Pooroni Rhee.

The exhibition of contemporary posters in Retroavangarda Gallery gives the chance of following current trends in this field of art. The artists invited to the exhibitions belong to the top tier of world’s poster artists.

Here is a photorelation from the opening of the exhibition, which took place on 22nd November at 7PM:

text by Anna Klos
translation by Karolina Klos

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