Jonathan Sirit and his avant-garde inspirations

Jonathan Sirit – graphic designer, musician, collage artist and creator of underground zines. These are just some of  the passions of the young artist. He was born in Venezuela in 1987 and 20 years later he migrated to Barcelona. He is the drummer of now famous punk band Belgrado (lead singer of which, by the way, is a Polish girl Partycja Proniewska). Jonathan designs all the visuals for his band – concert poster, CD covers and t-shirts. All of his pieces have a unique, immediately recognizable style, which has its roots in art-zines from 70s, or looking even further – in dadaism, Russian constructivism and Hungarian avant-garde of the 20s. 

In the very center of his endeavors lies usually a human figure , however it is always a symbolic, simplified schematic. It brings to mind avant-garde pieces of Vilmos Huszar (1884-1960). In addition, Sirit masterfully operates with typography and rhythm, which is so important In his music – he cleverly transitions it into visual language. Pieces by Jonathan Sirit were presented at collage exhibitions organized by Retroavangarda. Jonathan Sirit is also in Retroavangarda ‘Gallery of Friends’.


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