Slobodan Štetić

Slobodan Štetić – born in 1958 in Jagodina. He graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, under Prof. Dragoljub photo Kažić and Graphic Paper with Professor Bogdan Kršić. It deals with posters, photographs, graphics, books and paintings. He is a professor at the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in Jagodina and lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design Philology and art-nical University of Kragujevac. He exhibited at hundreds of solo and group exhibitions of graphic design, photography, painting and illustration in many cities in the country and abroad: France, Poland, Finland, Canada, Japan, San Marino, SVAJA-imperial, Sweden, Taiwan, Moscow, DC, USA , Korea, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Belgrade, Zagreb, Titograd, Split, Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Novi Sad, Mostar, Čačak, Skopje, Osijek, Kranj, Ptuj, Sisak, Tivat, Kumanovo, Niksic and others. He designed several books of poetry, fiction science and art. Author's photo and graphic art equipment for a large number of catalogs, monographic catalogs and monographs. Honorary member of the World Union of designers (Union of Designers) since 2016. Member of the Association of Artists of Applied arts-and designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) since 1986.